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Days & Hours:
Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
              1 pm to 4 pm

*By appointment for those coming from a distance.
Location and Contact Information: 
521 E. Columbus Ave. Suite B.
Bellefontaine, OH, 43311



UNSURE IF YOU HAVE RENEWED? Call the office today and ask!

(973) 593-7811 521 E. Columbus Ave., Suite B, Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Single Member New _______ Renewal__________ $15.00

Joint Member New_________ Renewal__________ $20.00

(2 persons, same address, 1 publication)

INDIVIDUAL LIFETIME_________ $300.00

Please enclose the form below with your check. Thank you!


Name__________________________________ Member of OGS? Yes_______ No_______


City____________________________________ State____________________ Zip Code______________


Please list the Logan County SURNAMES you are researching. ______________________________



The surnames will be published in the newsletter. May we share your contact information with other researchers? Yes________ No________

Would you like to be a volunteer? Indicate below if you would be willing to serve on one of our committees: lineage society review_______ library staff_______ newsletter_______ programs_______

executive board________ workdays________ banquet________ workshops________ research_______


Membership entitles you to regular issues and special editions of the Branches & Twigs Newsletter & 2 free queries in the newsletter. With your membership, please send a STANDARD 8 1/2" X 11"

Ancestor Chart to place in your file. This may be published in the newsletter if you desire, but in order to be printed, the chart MUST be typed or computer generated for maximum reproducibility and should not have any highlighted markings. 

Our fee for research is $10.00 per hour (members and non-members), plus the cost of copies, postage and handling. All research fees go into the Logan County Genealogical Society treasury.

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