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Days & Hours:
Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday                       1 pm to 4 pm
*By appointment for those coming from a distance  
Location and Contact Information: 
521 E. Columbus Ave. Suite B.
Bellefontaine, OH, 43311

Research Fees

Have us do the work for you!
$10.00 per hour (1 hour minimum), plus the cost of copies and postage.
When sending a research request, please be as specific as possible. What is it you want us to look up for you? If your request is, "I want everything you can find on the Smith Family," that could take months since we are only open nine hours a week. Not to mention the cost. It's good to tell us what information you have already found (to keep us from looking for it again) but if you don't pose a specific question, it will slow us down in having to contact you for specifics.
If you have sent a request to the Logan County Library or the Museum Archives, please wait for an answer from them before sending it to us. While we work closely with those two entities, we don't check with them every time we receive a request to ask if they are already working on it. When multiple people are working on the same request, precious time is being used that could have gone into someone else's request.

Can't find a family member?
Put an ad in Branches and Twigs Newsletter, maybe an LCGS member can help you! 

Please remember that the Logan County Genealogical Society is run by volunteers; we operate mostly from donations & membership dues. The money from memberships goes into publishing and sending the   Branches & Twigs Newsletter, and acquiring and preserving research material. 


Member copies: $0.10 each

Non-member copies: $0.20 each

Library Bookshelves

Library Use

Members: FREE

Non-members: $1.00 (per visit)

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